Paying subscription payments late?

"What if I don't authorize my subscription payment until a little past the first due date?" 

Your payment will be processed immediately once you authorize it, and then will begin billing the next month on the day of the month your advisor selected.

So, if you have an October 1 due date but made a late payment on October 16, it will bill the full amount immediately, and then bill the full amount again on November 1. 

We don't charge any late fees on past due subscriptions (or one-time invoices)!

"What if it's been over a month since my initial subscription due date and I'm just paying it now?" 

If your advisor set your payment to bill on October 1, but you don't make the payment until November 3, it will bill for the initial October invoice, cancel (skip) the November payment, then bill as normal on December 1, January 1, etc. 

To make up for the missed month's payment, your advisor may send you an additional one-time invoice to pay!

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