Managing Your Email Notifications

Here at AdvicePay we love providing you with fee transparency so that you can stay up to date on your billing and always know exactly what + when you'll be charged! 

By default you will get:

  • an email notification when your automatic subscription payment successfully charges your account

You can also select whether you want an additional email notification 7 days before an approved subscription bills! This setting can be controlled by your advisor, however if you actively enable/disable it, we will always honor your settings -- even if your advisor makes changes on their end later.

Want more control over these emails? 

Here's how to manage them:

1. Go to Account Settings > Emails & Notifications

2. Toggle one or both of the following email notifications to off or on:

Recurring Payment Receipt -  Notification that your recurring payment has processed.
Recurring Debit Reminder -  Notification that your recurring payment will be processed in 7 days.

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