How to Sign Documents

How to sign a document

If it has a payment request attached  and you're the last signature needed on the contract, you'll be immediately guided to set up your payment after signing.

Not the last signee? While invoices and subscriptions are unable to be paid until all signatures have been obtained, once everyone signs the document you'll receive a helpful email letting you know that the invoice is ready to be paid!

How to sign a document starting in AdvicePay:

When logged into your AdvicePay account you can sign a document awaiting your signature from your Dashboard or by visiting Document Vault > Documents in your sidebar and clicking Sign Document.

Frequently Asked Questions

My partner/spouse is a signee on the document, too. How do they sign?

When your advisor sends out the document, an email will be sent to your partner/spouse allowing them to click a link and quickly go through the same signing process as illustrated in video #1 above. (They don't need an AdvicePay account or login!) Depending on whether your advisor has established a specific signing order for the document, this email with their unique signing link may not be sent until certain signees sign first. We'll email them when it's their turn! 

If your spouse/partner has an existing user login on your account and the contract is sent to that account, they can sign without logging in or sign by logging into their account portal and following video #2 above.

Can I download documents and see the status of the signatures?

You bet! All contract information can be found by finding the contract on the Dashboard or at Document Vault > Documents and clicking View Details:

To download a document for your records, click Download:

Can I upload documents to send to my Advisor?

At this time, we do not have the ability to upload documents to send to Advisors. I'm sorry about that! Our system is only designed to sign documents that are sent to you by your Advisor.

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